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It Didn't Have to Happen

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Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, Edmonton, Alberta: VHS.
"Illustrates how the careless worker, who scorns safety devices on modern machinery, endangers not only his life but also the lives of fellow workers."

Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, British Columbia: 16mm.
"Shows how carelessness causes accidents, and points to safety rules for woodworkers. "


"Business in Motion: Films of Current Interest," Canadian Business 26 (December 1953): 102.
"Dealing with safety around wood-working machines, this film shows why an accident need not happen if proper safeguards have been made. The story of an accident is related - how a plank jams as it is being cut on a circular saw and kicks back with the speed and lethal effect of a bullet. One man was killed because another didn't use the proper guards on the circular saw, 'because it was too much bother.'"