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Illuminated Life of Maud Lewis

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University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta: VHS.
"The story of Nova Scotia painter Maud Lewis, from her childhood, to her struggle with rheumatoid arthritis, to the daughter she never knew she had. Throughout her life, she found meaning in her paintings."


Online Database National Film Board of Canada.
"Maud Lewis was disfigured, impoverished and married to a man who 'wasn't exactly Prince Charming'--but she produced a torrent of sparkling, joyous paintings. During her lifetime, Maud's works sold for as little as two dollars each. Today, she is Canada's most famous folk artist. Thousands pack galleries around the world to marvel at her uplifting paintings. The Illuminated Life of Maud Lewis is the first film to tell Maud's whole story: from her carefree childhood, to the onset of the rheumatoid arthritis that would cripple her body and gnarl her hands, to the tragic story of the daughter she never knew she had. Through this wonderful film, we experience the beauty and simplicity of the paintings that gave meaning to her life."