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Hockey Stars' Summer

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970 (35mm)


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Library and Archives Canada: 35mm, VHS.
"An account of how sixteen hockey stars spend their summers. The film shows the players on the ice during games, intercut with visuals of their off-screen activities. Ted Lindsay of Kirkland Lake is shown on a fishing trip. Johnny Peirson of the Boston Bruins is shown playing in a golf tournament for amateur golfers and is described as a top-ranking amateur. Bill Mosienko is shown bowling and talking to customers at the bowling alley he co-owns in Winnipeg. Bill Gadsby is shown playing baseball for his hometown Calgary Buffaloes. Bill Juzda of the Toronto Maple Leafs is shown at work as a fireman on freight train, engine 6221. His job is to shovel coal into the fire box. Leo Reise of Detroit works as a travelling sales representative for a large heating manufacturer and is shown meeting potential customers. Jack Gelineau, a goalie for the Boston Bruins and NHL rookie of the year for 1950, sells insurance and is shown visiting a potential client in his office. Edgar Laprade of the New York Rangers is shown at work in the sporting goods store he owns, helping a customer choose a fishing rod. Doug Bentley and his brother Max Bentley are shown working their farm in Delisle, Saskatchewan. Chuck [Rayner] of the New York Rangers is shown at a fishing camp near Kenora, Ontario with Kansas City goalie Jim Henry. Gus Morston of the Toronto Maple Leafs is a licensed mining prospector in northern Ontario and is shown backpacking in the bush. [Pentti] Lund of the New York Rangers, the only native-born Finn in the NHL, is shown working in a sawmill in Port Arthur, Ontario, where his job is to guide the logs past the saw. Glen Harmon of the Montreal Canadiens is shown at work as the business manager of the ladies' hat shop owned by his wife. His wife brings a hat for a teamate's wife, Mrs. Elmer Lach, to try on. Elmer Lach looks on."