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Generator 4

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1298 (16mm)
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Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec: 16mm.
"A dramatization of the construction of the fourth generator at the Kemano hydro-electric power plant in British Columbia, fifty miles from Kitimat. Explanation of how the dam, tunnel and plant were created is provided, and the role of the Aluminum Company of Canada smelter at Kitimat explained."

Library and Archives Canada: 35mm, 16mm, VHS digibeta.
"Installation of a generator at a power dam in northern BC."

"Dramatized story of the installation of a fourth generator at a hydroelectric plant in Kemano in northern British Columbia. The drama involves the fictional Jean Marcotte (played by Gilles Pelletier), an engineer at the Kemano plant which provides power to the city of Kitimat and the aluminum smelter there fifty miles away. The history of the plant is told through Marcotte's narrative as he remembers the development of the plant and marvels at the achievement. The construction started three years previous as a ten mile tunnel was bore through the mountain. Six thousand men worked to scoop out the mountain and send the river pouring half a mile down through the middle to the turbines. Marcotte remarks "... and it makes no difference to the mountain." indicating the feeling of the company that nature is not adversely affected by this industry. The smelter runs on the power from two generators with the third used as standby, however, after the fourth is completed 12 more are planned to facilitate the expansion of the smelter to eight more potlines. The power-house is five stories high, 700 feet long and generates 1,200,000 horsepower of which only half is being used. A confrontation between Marcotte and his young assistant Mitchell (played by Tod Smith) is used to show how safety is always stressed above all concerns."


“Generator 4,” Alcan 16mm Film Catalogue (Montreal: Aluminum Company of Canada, Limited: c.1960), 7-8.

“The viewer, through the eyes of a French Canadian electrical engineer, sits in on the installation and start-up of the fourth generator in the Kemano underground powerhouse. While the drama unfolds towards ‘On Power’ day we wander through other sections of the project including the smelter and new planned town of Kitimat, B.C. This is an Alcan presentation.
Running Time: 36 mins.”

“Generator 4,” Alcan 16mm Film Catalogue (Montreal: Aluminum Company of Canada, Limited: c.1960), 7-8.

[Still image from film showing inside of the underground powerhouse].