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The Fruitful Earth

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Directors of Photography:



Production Years: 
1950 to 1951
Release Year: 


Film Properties: 
Length (feet): 
800 (35mm)
Holding Institutions: 

Library and Archives Canada, Ottawa, Ontario: 35mm, VHS.
"The rural French Canadian way of life is observed on l'Ile-aux-Coudres, an island in the St. Lawrence River. The farmer grows food on his land. His family, from son to grandfather, gives him a helping hand. On Sunday, he rests and attends church with the other villagers. Many picturesque scenes of the coutryside and of the harvest are shown. The monument on the site of Jacques Cartier's landing and worship on his second trip up the St. Lawrence is also shown."


"Canada - 50 Entries for Annual Awards," Film News (April 1952)

"Theatrical Shorts: First - OPERA SCHOOL, National Film Board. Honourable Mention - THE FRUITFUL EARTH, Associated Screen News, Montreal. Honourable Mention - STRUGGLE FOR OIL, National Film Board. Honourable Mention - MAN IN THE PEACE TOWER, National Film Board."

Shot in Ansco colour.