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Forests Forever

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538 (16mm)
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Library and Archives Canada: 16mm.
"This film shows the natural disasters that can wipe out forests - fires and insects, and all the techniques (photogrammetry, insect control, cutting techniques and reforestation) that man uses to work with nature to preserve the forest. Tourists speak of the pleasure of using company logging roads to get into the woods. The tone of this film is indicated by the following two quotes: 'In nature, forests live, grow old and die and are replaced by new generations of forests which is a satisfactory kind of immortality. But from man's point of view it's a wasteful one now that our way of life has come to depend so heavily on forests and forest products.' 'Forests belong to nature but the land they grow on belongs to people. To all people, for our benefit and for our pleasure."


“Forests Forever,” Canadian Forest Industries Films (Montreal: Canadian Pulp and Paper Association: 1976), 12.

“How are the forests managed? What new techniques are being employed to produce super-trees of the future? How is the forest harvested? How do forest operations and public recreation coexist? These are some of the areas that are covered in the film.

Produced: 1973
Available in Quebec and Ontario.”