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The Five Faces of Quebec

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Library and Archives Canada: 16mm [excerpts].


"Business in Motion: Films of Current Interest," Canadian Business 27 (September 1954): 104.
"The Province of Quebec's five faces - history, holiday attractions, scenery, industry and wildlife - are shown in this production through the eyes of historian, maître d'hôtel, truck driver, businessman, and a 'man who likes to fish.' Each of these people sees a different aspect of the province in tune with his own special interests. Available with English of French commentary."

"Film Clips," Film News 14, no. 6 (1954): 16.

"The Five Faces of Quebec are its history, holiday attractions, scenery, burgeoning industry, and its wildlife. The bilingual Canadian province in this film is seen through the eyes of a historian, a hotelman, a truck driver, 'a man who likes to fish,' and a businessman. Available in both French and English from its sponsor (Molson's Brewery Ltd., Toronto, Canada), it is 30 mins., color, designed for tv and for nontheatrical showing."

R.L., "Film from Business and Industry," Film News 15, no. 1 (Spring 1955): 11.

"The Five Faces of Quebec. There is nothing except the 'Molson's Presents' title card to tell the viewer that this sponsor is one of Canada's leading breweries. A further pat on the back is due Molson's for making possible this many-sided view of the oldest, most picturesque, and only bi-lingual, Catholic, Province of Canada.
According to the eye of the beholder, geographic and social areas have different 'faces.' A pleasant, pipe-smoking history professor visualizes in his mind's eye some of the dramatic highlights of the early days of the Province. The maitre d'hotel of the Terrace Cafe sees the joie de vivre in the healthy, cheerful face of Quebec with its love of entertainment, hospitality, outdoor sports. For the engaging French Canadian truck driver on his route from Chicoutimi to the beautiful Gaspe peninsula, Quebec has the tranquil face of her small farms and roadside communities. To a businessman with a refreshingly natural way of expressing himself, the beauty of Quebec is in the strength of her thundering rivers that provide power for an industry that is reaching out into the world.
A sportsman sees Quebec as an ideal place for bringing up a family and indulging one's love for nature. There are some beautiful scenes here of autumn woods, some thrilling ones of canoe-handling. Finally, and above all, there are the faces of Quebec's people - 'close to the soil and the church, and of a simple integrity.'
30 mins., color. Produced by Crawley Films Ltd., Ottawa, Canada. Borrow without charge from Canadian Travel Film Library, 1270 Ave. of the Americas, N.Y. 20. Available for television."

"Festival and Award Winners: Part I of the 1955-56 List," Film News (Summer 1956): 6.

"FIVE FACES OF QUEBEC - 'Scholastic Teacher.' Produced by Crawley Films Ltd., Montreal, distributed Canadian Travel Film Library, N.Y.C."