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Farm Drainage

Accession number: 
Production Years: 
1922 to 1925


Film Properties: 
Length (feet): 
1718 (35mm); 1380 (28m)
Holding Institutions: 

Library and Archives Canada: 16mm, 35mm, 28mm.
"Part of a film about how land is surveyed for a drainage system, the methods of tiling by hand and machine, and the making of joints and catch basins for the sand. It shows: extreme close-up of swamp land, showing detail of soggy land with little growth; medium shot of a small herd of cows crossing a field; medium shot of open drainage ditch filled with water; long view of ditching machine at work in a field; close-up of ditching machine passing close in front of the camera; medium shot of man laying a stake to mark line for ditching; close-up of man following the ditching machine and laying casing to prevent soil from rolling down into ditch; extreme close-up of ditching machine at work; extreme close-up of tile pipes being laid at the bottom of the ditch and machine securing the clay tile pipes; close-up of the completed ditch; and the digging wheel on the ditching machine being raised and the ditching machine moving away."