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Direct Observation of the Flow of Molten Steel in Sand Moulds, Part One : Horizontal Gating Systems for Steel Castings

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998 (16mm)
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Library and Archives Canada: 16mm.
"This series examines a new technique, X-Ray Television Fluroscopy, which enables direct observation of the flow characteristics of molten metal within closed mould systems. Part one looks at the technique to study the flow of steel in gating systems for horizontal castings. The X-Ray technique is explained with graphics and illustration ( the only animation in the film). The X-Rays of the flows are recorded on film and videotape. Problems encountered with the flow within various designs of the moulds are observed, adjustments are made and subsequent flows are analysed. Ultimately the best design to accomodate the flow is selected, in this case the unpressurized gating ratio of 1:2:2 is preferred."