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Decade in the Air

Accession number: 
Production Years: 


Film Properties: 
Length (feet): 
970 (35mm); 400 (16mm)
Length (minutes): 
Holding Institutions: 

Library and Archives Canada: 35mm, 16mm.
"Footage of: DC-6s in flight and on the ground with passengers boarding; BEA Viscount, Super Constellation, DC-3s, and an airline flying boat in flight; DC-3 landing; DC-6 and a Boeing C097 Stratocruiser taking off; a large helicopter taking off; aerial views of hilly, wooded terrain; a blizzard; a man releasing a weather balloon; a radar scanner; weather instruments on a weather ship at sea; mechanics at work on aero engines in a hangar; mechanics working on navigation instruments; exterior and interior shots of a control tower with men at work; and a view of a lighted runway at night as seen from the cockpit of landing plane."