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City of Towers

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905 (35mm)
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Library and Archives Canada: 35mm, 16mm, VHS, Betacam, 1/4in.
"The city of Toronto with monuments, the University, skyscrapers etc. Among the buildings shown are: government buildings; Queen's Park; the residence of the lieutenant-govenor; downtown Toronto traffic scenes; the Toronto City Hall; pedestrians rushing past the camera; an empty street on Sunday; buildings of the University of Toronto; churches; the Princess Gate of the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE); the other CNE buildings; crowds at the exhibition; Casa Loma; office towers; more aerial views of traffic and pedestrians; and an aerial view of the city skyline."


Benograph Catalogue. 16mm Short Subjects. 1953-54 Edition.
"The character of a city is revealed in its skyline. The Towers of Toronto etched against the sky, tell of ambition and aggressiveness blended with a search for the finer things of the spirit."