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Britain's Future King

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"Film about the visit of Edward, the Prince of Wales, to Canada in 1919, presented by the Dominion Publicity Committee Victory Loan 1919. This begins with the intertitle "Britain's Future King Welcomed At St. John, N.B.", followed by footage of the arrival of the Prince in Saint John, New Brunswick. Long view of cutter moving away from a British battleship, carrying the Prince of Wales to the shore. Close-up of the Prince of Wales in a Royal Navy uniform alighting from the cutter and being greeted by Sir Robert Borden, the Duke of Devonshire who was Governor General of Canada, and Sir William Pugsley, the Premier of New Brunwick. The Prince and other officials, Borden among them, start walking, accompanied by senior military officials, then come to a stop to return a salute to someone out of the picture. The next intertitle reads "Historic Halifax Greets The Prince", followed by footage of the Prince of Wales getting out of a cutter, going up some steps at the pier and being met by dignitaries. He is received on the same spot where his grandfather (King Edward VII) came ashore in 1860. He inspects troops and speaks to a sergeant. An intertitle reads: "Off to the Parliament Buiildings". Close-up of the Prince and the Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia in an open automobile, talking and smiling together. The car drives away as troops stand to attention in the background. Next is footage taken at Quebec City, showing close-ups of the Prince of Wales at a ceremony to unveil tablets in memory of workers who lost their lives building the Quebec Bridge. Next is footage of the Prince of Wales in Toronto. There is a shot of the Prince of Wales arriving at Government House Station in Rosedale. Notable citizens and military officials greet him and show him into convertible car. Crowds await him on the lawn of the Ontario Parliament Building at Queen's Park, which is decorated for the occasion. Close-up of the Prince inspecting a Guard of Honour at Queen's Park in Toronto and then walking along with a group of people. The Prince, on a platform, shakes hands with a woman. Long view of the prince riding in an open car entering the Main Gate at the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto. Crowds cheer on both sides of the road. An interitlte reads "Arriving at Administration Building", followed by a close-up of the Prince inspecting more troops at the CNE. Medium shot of the Prince declaring the CNE open. He stands on a platform and salutes the crowd, among which are many returned soldiers (veterans). A newsreel cameraman, Frank O'Byrne, is visible on the platform. Next is shown his visit to the Royal Canadian Yacht Club. He is shown walking with club offiicals and standing with a group of people and a trophy. An intertitle explains that the prince's grandfather, King Edward, presented the Prince of Wales cup 60 years earlier. Next he is shown greeting people at a garden party at Government House in Toronto. Next are some scenes from his visit to Ottawa. An intertitle states: "Canada's Capital Pays Prince Homage". The Prince of Wales and the Governor General shake hands with guests in a receiving line. Next is the ceremony on Parliament Hill to lay the corner stone of the Peace Tower, at that time called the Victory Tower. Included are shots of the Prince of Wales and dignitaries on a platform, the unfurling of the Victory Loan Honor Flag and the Prince and dignitaries watching as the flag is raised (the flag going up the pole is not shown). The scene then switches to Montreal. An intertitle explains "Royal Heir Guest of Montrealers". This is followed by a medium shot of the Prince lunching outdoors with Mayor Médéric Martin at the Mount Royal lookout in Montreal. Next is an intertitle which reads "Winnipeg --The Prince in the West". Troops march in front of a large building. Close-up of the Prince waving his hat to crowds of men, many of whom are in military uniforms. At Tuxedo, a part of Winnipeg, the Prince opens a Red Cross Hut (no building identified as such is shown) and the Manitoba Military Hospital. The footage shows the Prince coming down the steps of two different buildings, accompanied by military officials and, at the second building, also by a nurse. The final scene is an illustration of the Prince of Wales Victory Loan Honor Flag and an image of the Prince, with the words "Let Us Win the Prince of Wales Flag."
This was one of the first major cross-Canada events covered by the motion picture newsreels."