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Better Times Through Tea Times

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1900 (35mm)
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Library and Archives Canada: 35mm.
"Promotional film designed to help the Canadian tea industry expand. Footage includes a brief description of how tea is grown and processed; shots of women harvesting tea by hand; taking the tea to 'mincing lane', where it is tasted and graded by experts; loading large crates of tea onto a ship; shots of Vancouver harbour; assembly line footage of tea being sorted and packaged; a graphic illustration of the room for growth in Canadian consumption of tea (four pounds of tea per capita as compared to ten pounds per capita in Great Britain); unveiling of the 1935 national tea advertising campaign to promote tea in Canada; magazine, radio, newspaper ads; dramatization of a tea salesman going to a store and putting up a sign in the window promoting the sale of quality teas; close up of a brochure explaining how to make good tea."