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The Beaver Family

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Library and Archives Canada: 16mm, VHS.
"Title shot of beavers in water. Grey Owl sets out with axe and canoe through the woods; puts canoe in water; sets out across the lake. Grey Owl calls the beavers; they come; beavers with Grey Owl; beavers in water eating poplar branches; beaver eating birch bark; beavers eating Grey Owl's food; baby beaver drinks from bottle, sleeps on Grey Owl's shoulder; beavers grooming; beavers water wrestling; beaver pulls tree away, puts it in place by stream; beaver's teeth cutting branch; beginning of construction of beaver lodge; work continues; beavers bring branches to the mound; a log is found to be covered; beaver solving problem; moves log to the mound; other beavers help; plaster mound with mud; final branches and mud for main door; beaver carrying mud; mound is ready for winter; beater in water swims to the entrance. "


Peter Morris, Embattled Shadows: A History of Canadian Cinema, 1895-1939, McGill-Queen's University Press, 1978.