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Art at the Technical School

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375 (28mm); 428 (35m
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Library and Archives Canada: 16mm, 28mm, 35mm, VHS, digibeta.
"Film shows some of the activities inside the art classrooms of the Central Technical School of Toronto. Some students are shown painting and drawing a live model in a classroom. Elsewhere, a class of men are seen drawing from plaster casts. In the clay modelling class many men and women are seen sculpting. A woman is shown forming, cleaning, filling and breaking open a plaster cast. In another studio, a woman applies glaze to a bowl and then places it inside a pottery furnace. Two women are seen standing above a table with many pottery articles on it. In the applied art class many students are at work: one woman paints stained glass on an easel while another paints a water colour poster. A student carving wood is shown along several samples of student's work. The film's final intertitle reads: 'You may have a child with latent talent awaiting appreciation and development. Ontario Government Educational Films may help you to decide'."

According to Library and Archives Canada, one of three Ontarion Motion Picture Bureau films about the Central Technical School in Toronto which were shot in the Fall of 1919. See also In Toronto's Centrial Technical School and Learning Modern Industrial Processes.