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In All Thy Sons Command

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Film Properties: 
Length (feet): 
1705 (35mm); 652 (16mm)
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Library and Archives Canada: 35mm, 16mm, 1/4", 3/4", VHS, Betacam.
"Canada's war effort, on the home front, in England and at the front. Montage of Canadian scenes at beginning of film. Sequence on war production of supplies and equipment of all types; transportation of supplies by truck and by merchant marine, unloading in Britain. Gigantic supply dumps, ammunition, tanks, trucks, artillery pieces, etc. Block busters being trundled to planes. Air raids against German cities, with U.S. aircraft predominating. Gun camera ftge of strafing and rocket attacks. Troops embarking for invasion, invasion aircraft by the hundreds being prepared, troop gliders, etc. Paratroop drops, naval bombardment, invasion fleet. Sequence on allied troops, Canadians mostly, landing after initial landing, tanks, supplies. Casualties being evacuated, etc."

"Ce film se veut un remerciement au peuple canadien pour sa participation à la fabrication et au transport vers l'Europe de tout le matériel militaire dont les soldats ont besoin pour continuer la guerre et la remporter."