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Alaska and the Yukon

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Library and Archives Canada: 16mm, VHS.
"Film detailing a steamship voyage aboard the Princess Louise up the west coast of Canada to Alaska and the Yukon and a rail trip from Skagway, sometime in the 1940s. A map at the beginning of the film highlights the cities the tour will pass. These include Vancouver, Victoria, Alert Bay, Prince Rupert, Ketchikan, Skagway and Carcross. Shots include: downtown Vancouver; a home surrounded by a lavish garden; steamships leaving port; steamship going under the Lions Gate Bridge; shots of passengers disembarking from the Princess Louise at an unknown port; fishing boats docked; numerous totem poles; two women examining a totem pole detailing an eagle; Prince Rupert and its halibut fishing industry, including: a wharf with fishing ships and tug boats; fish being cleaned and sorted in a cannery; a catch being hauled on board a fishing trawler with nets; fishing trawler heading out to sea; totem pole; women talking to crew member as the steamship travels further northward; two men leaning against the ship's railing; view from ship. Arrival in Alaska. Shots include: a 'Welcome to Visitors' sign over looking the street in [Ketchikan]; wooden streets with cars parked down either side; water pouring over rocks; salmon swimming upstream; view of sun on the water; another steamship; playing shuffle board on deck; panorama from ship; ice bergs; 'Alaska Steamship Company' building as seen from ship; ship docked in another town, possibly [Skagway]; trolley with advertising on the side; 'The Pack Train Inn and Beer Parlor'; shots of yellow and orange flowers; a rock face spray painted with logos and a compass face; aerial views of mountains and a gorge; mountains and snow; mountains and open water; train winding around the mountains; a gorge surrounded by vegetation; White Horse Pass with its Dead Horse Gulch - a monument with two pack horses on it is focused on; 'Trail of '98' sign posted in some rocks; train crossing wooden bridge; passengers inside; train pulling into [Carcross]; sourdough log houses and buildings; women preparing food; close-up of a dog; panorama of land from steamship; shot of Lake Tagish and a rotting sternwheeler; and sun setting against a panoramic shot as a man and woman look out over the water."


Film News (July 1940): 5.
"Alaska and the Yukon. 16mm sound and color, 33 min. Travelogue"