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Break Through at Alcan

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Break Through
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Cinémathèque québécoise, Montreal, Quebec: 16mm.
"The story of the Kemano project, dedicated to those who worked on the project. The film captures the intensity of 21 months of record-breaking effort."


“Break Through,” Alcan 16mm Film Catalogue (Montreal: Aluminum Company of Canada, Limited: c.1960), 4.
“Released by Canadian Ingersol-Rand Company, Limited, it tells the story of the men and machines drilling the ten-mile tunnel on Alcan’s Kitimat Project through which runs the water to turn the turbines at Kemano, B.C."

"Business in Motion: Films of Current Interest," Canadian Business 27 (October 1954): 70.
"Here's another part of the fabulous Kitimat story - Alcan's aluminum development in B.C. This film tells of the prodigious feat in tunnelling through ten miles of solid granite - from Tahtsa Lake on top of the mountain to Kemano at the bottom. More particularly the film shows in detail how the men and the drilling tools faced up to the challenge. A world's record was set on this job when the crew advanced through 282 feet or rock in six days."