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Canada Goose

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232 (16mm)
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University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta: 16mm.
"Shows the characteristics, food, habitat and range of the Canada Goose. This film features the natural sound only, with no narration."
From the Catalogue of 16mm Educational Motion Pictures. Published by the Educational Media Division, Department of Extension, University of Alberta, Edmonton, 1967.

Library and Archives Canada:
"Short documentary film on the life cycle of the Canada goose produced by wildlife photographer Dan Gibson. Scenes of: geese in flight; nesting activities; the newly hatched chicks; young geese learning to fly; and a flock of geese in migratory flight formation. Soundtrack of the birds' distintive honking accompanies footage."
"A sight and sound documentary on the most spectacular of birds, the Canada Goose. Detailed close-ups and authentic natural sound combine to provide a memorable study of the courtship, nesting, young, flight and behavior of this interesting bird."


A/V Geeks Website.
"Describes the characteristics of the Canadian goose. Documents migrating, nesting, food gathering and flight habits. Pictures the incubation and development of the goslings. Only natural sound is used."