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Nik Krevitsky, "Views and Reviews," Film News (January 1953): 13.

"Since 1913 when he arrived in Canada from his native Yorkshire, England, Arthur Lismer's influence on Canada's art, and the country's influence on his own art, have been an intertwined story. That story is indicated in this film. In its earlier sequences the outstanding art educator and painter is shown at work with student-teachers, other adults, and with children in the Montreal Art Center. His warmth is emphasized, and his ability to evoke from beginners a creative expression which, before his pioneer efforts, was little known in Canadian art education. The development of his own technique to meet the challenge of the untamed Northern Ontario landscape is pictured in the film's latter section, and some of his best known works - revealing keen feeling perception of the harmonies and discords in nature - are introduced. There are also interesting scenes of the artist himself at work on a landscape in his studio. Several somewhat precious incidents are out of keeping with the personality of the man - for those at least who know him. A somewhat too intrusive, though interesting, musical score tends to distract. These details notwithstanding, LISMER has much to offer to general audience groups as to art classes, and should be of interest certainly to art teachers and educators. 20 mins., color. Produced, in cooperation with the National Gallery of Canada and the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, by the National Film Board of Canada. For rent at $6, sale at $150 through Internation Film Bureau Inc., Chicago, Ill."

Nik Krevitsky, "Views and Reviews," Film News (January 1953): 13.
[Still shot from Lismer, showing the artist at work; no caption].

Online database (National Film Board of Canada).

"This film looks at the work of Arthur Lismer, a member of the Group of Seven, emphasizing his contribution to art education and to Canadian art. At the Montreal Art Centre we see how children learn the independence of creative self-expression in art."