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Canadian Pictorial News

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325 (35mm)
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Library and Archives Canada: 35mm.
"Newsreel containing the following stories:
Toronto, Ontario: Captain T.L. Tibbs, Canadian aviator, makes a perfect landing at Toronto Harbour after piloting a giant amphibious plane from Cuba. The plane (Santa Maria) is owned by Aeromarine Flying Cruiscas and is used to transport U.S. and Cuban mail. A motor launch meets the plane and escorts the pilot to shore. Shots of landing and taxiing.
Toronto: Electric Car Supplements Steam Train. The CNR inaugurates an experimental train between Trenton and Belleville, Ontario. The train is powered by an Edison storage battery. It is shown leaving Toronto on its first successful trial run. There are shots of the train underway, of the battery compartment where batteries are re-charged, and views from the front of the train as it passes stations and countryside on its way to Belleville.
Toronto. Newspapermen Off Across Continent to Convention. View of men and women of the Canadian Weekly Newspapermen's Association at Union Station in Toronto on their way across Canada.
Sense and Nonsense Culled from the Canadian Press: The Sydney Record reports that a gentleman whose wife has recently become active in politics has wired the Halifax Militia Department to enquire which is the nearest war he can go to.
Windsor Sun: Good many housewives have stopped playing bridge and are now playing Bridget in consquence of Bridget playing bridge.
Bob Edwards Summer Annual: When a man quits turning around to look at a pretty girl, he is old enough, almost, for the Senate.
Calgary Herald: Having seen a picture of the newly designated "moral gown" we are content to have ladies follow their own more interesting fancies.
Emma Goldman has discovered in Russia that man cannot reform the world simply by letting his whiskers grow and not washing his neck.
Meyronne Saskatchewan Independent: Here lies the body of Jim Lake. Step softly as you pass. He thought his foot was on the brake, but it was on the gas."

"Canadian National Pictorial was a newsreel produced from 1919 to 1921 by the private company Pathéscope of Canada Ltd. The Canadian government funded the newsreel" (source: Library and Archives Canada).