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From Coast to Coast

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Canada, From Coast to Coast
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1940 to 1947


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Canadian educational, sponsored and industrial film archive, Montreal, Quebec: 16mm.


"Coast to Coast," Film News (September-October 1947): 2.
"Opening an exceptionally fine map, this color film takes us on a friendly railway journey through Canada. The transcontinental trip provides a traveller's eye view of the Dominion . . . In the Maritimes we see the hardy fisherfolk of the Atlantic coast taking herring, cod, lobster, tuna for the Canadian and U.S. markets. Spring in the Evangeline country means blossom festivals. On ancient farms, oxen in gay harness still till the soil and provide sharp contrast with modern bustle in the thriving port of Halifax where world travellers meet . . . At Quebec we stand on the terrace of ancient Chateau Frontenac, now a modern hostelry and a beacon to inborne travellers, and see how it dominates the broad St. Lawrence, artery into Canada's heart. Old Quebec readies us for glimpses into the life of the French Canadian habitant with his tradition of church, handicrafts, the land (in long, narrow strip farms), and for Montreal, city of two languages, Parisian style street markets, and St. James Cathedral which is a replica of St. Peter's at Rome . . . At Ottawa, the Dominion capital, we admire the copper-roofed Parliament Buildings, graceful Peace Tower, Royal Canadian Mint, the red-coated 'Mounties' on guard there, and Rideau Hall, seat of Canada's Governor-General, a fine old place in beautiful gardens . . . In Toronto, 'Queen City' of homes and trees, we mingle with the fashionable crowd at the Woodbine Race Track to see the King's Plate run; roam through Queen's Park and several of the famous buildings of 170-year old University of Toronto; spend some time at the world's largest annual fair (the Canadian National Exhibition) . . . Through the lush peach and cherry orchards of the Niagara Peninsula we reach Niagara Falls of unending wonder and nervously trust ourselves to the staunch little ship, 'Maid of the Mist', for a view from below, then to the Spanish aero car that crosses the gorge high above. . . . After some fishing and canoeing in still wild Northern Ontario, we visit Fort William with its great grain elevators on the storied blue waters of Lake Superior; and open-hearted, energetic Winnipeg where the prairie begins. From Edmonton, capital of Alberta, aeroplanes zoom northward in a steady stream with freight for the rim of the Arctic Circle . . . Miles of No.1 Northern Hard, best wheat in the world, glow golden in the Western sun as we head for Calgary and the Calgary Stampede, greatest rodeo of all. Then the climb begins to the high places of the Rockies and over the roof of the world to Lake Louise . . . Scenes in the Valley of the Ten Peaks, of glaciers clinging tenaciously to mountain slopes, give reality to what the geography books have to say about the Great Columbia Ice Field . . . Descending through spiral tunnels, marvels of modern engineering, we pull into British Columbia's capital, the city of Vancouver where Orient and Occident meet. The journey concludes with a visit via the CPSS 'Princess Marguerite' to Victoria, garden city on Vancouver Island, only place on the American continent where you can listen to the English meadow lark . . . There are perhaps a few too many views of Canadian Pacific Railway hotels. Otherwise, COAST TO COAST is a first rate picture for classroom use as an overall introduction to Canada. It need hardly be pointed out it is a natural for men or women, boys or girls who enjoy travel, actual or vicarious . . . Canadian concert artist Frances James Adaskin sings 'The Song of Lake Louise'. Musical background by Lucio Agostino is better than average.
2-reels; Kodachrome; 22-minutes. Produced by Associated Screen News (Montreal) for the C.P.R. For rental (without charge) write the Canadian Pacific Railway, Motion Picture Department, 342 Madison Ave., N.Y.C. 17."

Film News (September-October 1947): 11
[Canadian Pacific advertisement] "From Coast to Coast (3 reels) A colorful journey across the Dominion, showing as many high spots as can be covered in a 30-minute showing."

Film News (May 1948): 22.
"Canada, From Coast to Coast is the pictorial record of a vacationist's trip across Canada by Canadian Pacific. [...] Educational values of the films, particularly Coast to Coast are unmistakably appreciated."