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It's Asbestos

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C'est l'amiante
French version
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"Business in Motion: Films of Current Interest," Canadian Business 28 (September 1955): 110.
"Mining, milling and fabricating of asbestos form the subject of this industrial documentary film. The start-to-finish story of Canada's miracle mineral begins with a sequence on extraction of the raw fibre from open and underground pits at Thetford Mines and Black Lake. A description of how mechanical screens separate asbestos fibres from waste rock is followed by illustrations of day to day uses of the finished product."

Service de ciné-photographie de la province de Québec, Films 16mm: édition 1956-57 (Quebec City: Service de ciné-photographie, 1956), 397.
"L'amiante : sa nature, son extraction et son utilisation. -- Le plus intéressant reportage cinématographique encore réalisé sur cette industrie dans laquelle le Québec se classe au tout premier rang."