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Stanley Brede

100,000 Children
Alpine Bread
Ambassador Extraordinary
The Annanacks
At Your Fingertips
Beaver Dam
Brampton Builds a Car
Briarcliff Food Center
C.L.U. Canadian Life Underwriters
Canada Produced
Canadian Wheat
Carstairs, Tell the People
A Champion Is Born
Charge from Down Under
Children's Emotions
Children's Emotions
Cotton Made in Canada
A Crystal from the Sun
Douglas Point Nuclear Power Station : Design and Construction
The Entertainers
The Face of an Addict
The Face of Saskatchewan
Fight for Fame
The First Village of Importance
Floor Cleaning
Floor Finishing
From Sociable Six to Noisy Nine
The Gap
General Office Cleaning
Generator 4
Go Find a Country
The Gold Cup Comes Home
Growing Up Safely
He Acts His Age
Heredity and Pre-Natal Development
Holiday Island
A Hospital Is...
Inter-Varsity on Campus
Jamaica Flavour
Jamaica Sings
The Jet Age
Laboratory Dogs
The Lastex Story
Life and Breath
Light Is for People
Machines and Maintenance
The Mine in the Valley
Molecules for Burning and a Million Other Things
New Brunswick Summer
New Dimensions
New Mill... New Richmond
Newfoundland Scene : A Tale of Outport Adventure
The Office of Prime Minister
Par Breakers
Par Excellence
The Perpetual Harvest
Photo Finish
Pipe Line Patrol
The Potato and Mrs. Kelly
Power in Perpetuity
Pressure Golf
The Prevention of Disability in Rheumatoid Arthritis
Principles of Development
The Quality of a Nation
Queen's University at Kingston
Red Carpet
Repeat Performance
Saint John : A Harbour Reborn
Saskatchewan Jubilee
Seal Hunt
Search Without End
Social Development
St. George's and the Dragons
St. John Ambulance in Canada
The Story of the 44th Canadian Open Golf Championship
The Sun Don't Shine on the Damwe Dawg's Back All the Time
The Terrible Twos and the Trusting Threes
This Is My Invention
La Traverse d'hiver à l'Île aux Coudres
Twenty-Five Under Par
The Want of a Suitable Playhouse
War Clubs of Mississauga
Washroom Care
Water on Tap
Waters of the Whiteshell
The Wetlanders
Why Nova Scotia
The Winner's Touch
Winter Blunderland
You and the Aerospace Future
You Are the Bank