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The Patient Men
The Perpetual Harvest
The Pioneer
The Pioneer Chain Saws Safety
The Ploughing Match 1922
The Plywood Story
The Potato and Mrs. Kelly
The Power Play
The Power to Grow
The Powerful Horseshoe
The President's Speech : President of General Motors
The Prince of Wales in Canada
The Principles of Inhalation Anesthesia in Domestic Animals
The Protestant Schools of Gaspé
The Provincial Plowing Match
The Quality of a Nation
The Quality of Mercy
The Queen's Plate : Canadian Tradition
The Quiet Betrayal
The Radiant Rockies
The Return of Milton Whitty
The Right Approach
The Ring-Billed Gull
The River Must Live
The Road to Keltic
The Road to Plenty
The Road to Recovery
The Roaring Game
The Rocks of Elora
The Romance of a River
The Sacred Circle
The Sacred Circle - Recovery
The Sad Phoenician and Friends : A Trio for Sculpture, Words and Music
The Same Is My Brother
The School of Papermaking of the Province of Quebec
The Science of Hockey : The Face Off
The Scientific Revolution
The Scribe
The Seagram Collection of the Cities of Canada
The Seal of Prevention
The Search Continues
The Search for Truth
The Second Gift
The Sensitive Sockeye
The Sentencing Dilemma
The Sergeant Sees It Through
The Seventh Bee Hive Giant Slalom
The Shell 4000 1963
The Shield
The Shining Mountains
The Silver Fox Industry of Canada
The Sinews of Industry
The Snows of Garibaldi
The Solar Frontier
The Speech Chain
The Spy of Nictau
The Squaw Rapids Story
The Stanley Cup Finals 1954
The Stone that Burns
The Story of a Blouse
The Story of a Brush
The Story of a Country Doctor
The Story of a Duchess
The Story of Canadian Salmon
The Story of Cellophane
The Story of Meat in Canada
The Story of the 44th Canadian Open Golf Championship
The Story of Weed-Bane
The Story of Wine in Canada
The Summer Before
The Sun Don't Shine on the Damwe Dawg's Back All the Time
The Sunwheat Way
The Supertest Ladies Open Golf Championship 1967
The Swimming Sea Anemone Stomphia Coccinea and Its Response to Its Commensal
The Takeover Game
The Teens
The Ten Parts of Canada : On the Side of Angels
The Torch
The Toronto Star
The Town and the Mill
The Town and the Mill, As Told by Andy Clark
The Toymaker
The Tragicall Hiftorie of Hamlet Prince of Denmarke
The Trail : Men Against the Snow
The Treehouse
The Triumph of 2-4D
The Truesteel Affair
The Turf King '51
The Tynagh Mine Opening
The Typing Battle of the Century
The Ultimate Forest
The Underwood Story
The Unending Search
The Uneventful Day
The Unquiet Forest
The Unveiling of the Artillery Memorial
The Vacation Land of Algoma
The Valiant Challenge
The Venereal Diseases
The Village
The Visible Woman
The Visit of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother the Queen's Plate
The Vital Giant
The Want of a Suitable Playhouse
The Waterloo Trip
The Way It Was
The Way of the Willow
The Wealth of the Nation
The Week of Awards 1965
The Week of the Awards 1966
The Westminster of the West
The Wetlanders
The Winner's Touch
The Winter Camp and Cooking
The Wool that Will Not Shrink
The Work of the Coopérative Fédérée de Québec
The World Is Watching
The Year of the Crown for Art Wall Jr.
The Years, the Seasons and the Days
The Years, the Seasons and the Days
There Is Still Time
There's the Land... Have You Seen It
Thermal Snow Melters
These Names Live On
They Come to Huronia
They Didn't Have to Die
They Hear More Than We Say
They're Biting Good
Thin Line
Things You Ought to Know About Your Town
Thinking of You
The Third Eye
This Changing World
This Fabulous Fibre
This Generation
This Generation : A Prairie Romance
This Is a Film About Farming
This Is Alberta
This Is Aluminum
This Is Colour
This Is Husky
This Is Litton Systems (Canada) Limited
This Is My Invention
This Is Nova Scotia
This Is Simon Fraser University
This Is Stompin' Tom
This Is Volleyball : Official Technique Film of the 1976 Olympics
This Modern Age
This Most Gallant Affair
This Nuclear Age
This Town Is Ours
This Vibrant Land : The Group of Seven
This Was Expo 67
This World of Ours -- Manitoba
Those Roos Boys and Friends
Those Were the Good Old Days
Those Who Mind the Store
The Thousand Days
Three for Health
Three Steps to the Slide Delivery
Three Trout to Dream About
Through Canada's Rockies
Through the Northwest Passage
Through the Wine Glass
Through the Woods
Through These Doors
Tidal Workshop
The Tide of Immigration
Tides of Fundy
Tides of War : The Story of Japanese Canadian in World War II
Tied to the Sea
Tight Lines
Timber Trails
Time Out for Eats
Tips on Typing
Tire Machinery
To Bala for a Bible
To Build a Better City
To Build a Better World
To Know the Hurons
To Love, Honour and Obey
To Make the Wasteland Green
To Sense the Wonder
To Serve Ourselves
To the Top
Tobacco in Canada
Tobique Secrets : Movie Notes from the Diary of a Guide in the Nactau Lake Country of Northern New Brunswick
Today's Firefighter
Today's Paper
Together for Human Welfare
Together We Serve
Toi qui changes
Tommy Cat
Tomorrow Today
Tomorrow's Timber
Tomorrow's Waterfront Today
Tones and Half-Tones
Tony Hunt, Kwakiutl Artist
Tools of War
Top of the Road
Top of the World
Toronto: The Gateway of Ontario
La Torsion de la caillette
Totem Land
Tough New Breed
Le Tour du monde en 80 modes
Tourisme nautique
Tournament of Champions
Tout est prêt
Toutes isles
Towards One World
Towel Tale
Townscape Rediscovered
Tractor Pull
Traders Group Vignettes Qualifying
Trading in the North
Trail of 1898
Trail of the Great Divide
Trail of the Ice Age Blues
Trail, British Columbia : The Metallurgical Mecca of Canada
Training for Teamwork : [16 foot lengths]
Training for Teamwork : [4 Foot Lengths]
Training for Teamwork : [8 foot lengths]
Training Homemakers
Training Licks Trouble
Training Table
Trans-Atlantic Empress
Transporting and Placing Quality Concrete
Trapping '80
Traps and Snares in Winter
Traps and Vents
Traveller's Cheques
Tread Carefully Through the Woods
Trees for Tomorrow
Trees Unlimited
The Triangle Tour
Trois-Rivières (1932)
Trois-Rivières (1934)
Trois-Rivières (1949)
Trois-Rivières sous la neige
Trophies of a Screen Chase
Trout Time
Trude Sekely : préparation à l'accouchement conscient
Tsimshian Indians of Skeena River British Columbia
Tube and Shape Bending
Turbines for Carillon
Turning the Furrow
Twenty-Five Under Par
The Twin Cities
Two Leaves, One Bud
Two Phase Annular Flow
Two Points North
Two Related Industries
Two Rivers
A Typical British Columbia Logging Operation
Ukrainian Christmas Traditions
Un allié puissant
Un château de cartes
Un écosystème lacustre
Un entretien sur la mécanologie I
Un entretien sur la mécanologie II
Un instant de violence
Un jardin dans le Québec : une esquisse des Cantons de l'Est
Un mot de l'honorable J.D. Bégin, ministre de la Colonisation
Un pas de plus
Un petit canard pas comme les autres
Un procès criminel
Un royaume vous attend
Un sac d'aubaine
Un sport passionnant: la chasse aux images
Un valet de coeur
Un vote honnête pour une victoire libérale
Under Fire
Underground 1129
Underground East
Underground for Iron
Underground Oil Express
Une bonne journée pour les pionniers
Une cause civile
Une chance sur mille
Une des merveilles du monde améliorée : le pont de Québec
Une journée à l'Exposition provinciale de Québec
Une journée à Sainte-Anne
Une journée de mai sur une ferme du Québec
Une méthode de neuroleptanesthésie pour la chirurgie de l'oeil
Une nouvelle région minière Chibougamau
Uniroyal Junior Curling
Uniroyal World Junior Curling Championship (Aviemore, Scotland)
University of Waterloo II
University of Waterloo Promo, 1983
University of Windsor : A Place to Live and Learn
Unlimited Horizons
Up in Smoke
Up in the Border Country
Up to Standard
Upon Our Shoulders
Upon This Day
Upper Canada Village
Urgent Messages
The Uses of Explosives in Clearing New Farms and Rejuvenating Old Ones
Ushers Green Stripe Snowshoe Marathon
Uterine Cancer : The Problem of Early Diagnosis
V'là l'bon vent!... La drave attend
Va-t-en jouer!
Vacances au Québec
Vacances d'hiver à Montréal et dans les Laurentides
Vacation in Jasper
Vacation in Québec
Vacationing in Quintupletland
La Vaccination par le BCG
Le Vagabond et En roulant ma boule
Valiant Company
Valley Centre
Valley of the Swans
Valleys and People
La Valse clog
Van Doos
Vancouver Honeymoon
Vancouver Refinery
Vancouver, ville aux cent visages
Vanguard Dinner Service
Varsity Life
Vaut mieux prévenir
Vegetables De Luxe
Vers l'actualisation de soi
Vers la compétence
Vers une éducation intégrale
Very Dangerous
VIA Pipeline
Victory Is Our Business
Victory Loan 1941 : AVM Breadner RCAF
Victory March
La Vie à Rouville
Vie nouvelle
La Vierge de Lourdes au Québec
Vigilance for Victory
Village in the Dust
Vision '79
Vision for Victory
Visit with Elsie
Visite du général de Gaulle à Québec en 1960
Visitors Are Coming!
Vivre pour soi
Voices in Space
Voices of the North
Voices of Time
Voici le Canada
Vos seins il faut y voir : l'auto-examen des seins
Vous voilà maman
Voyageur Country
Voyageurs de Québec
Walk Awhile... in My Shoes
War Clubs of Mississauga
Washroom Care
Waste Not
Wastewater Technology Center
Watching Wild Wings
Water for Montrealers
Water Management in Ontario
Water on Tap
Water Safety
Water Transportation of Pulpwood
Waters of the Whiteshell
Waterways and Flyways of the North
Watt's in Glass
Way Up and Back
Wayne and Shuster Look at Technical Training in Canada
We Are Young
We Just Take It All for Granted
We Live in Mining
We've Been There
Wealth in Limestone
Week of the Awards 1967
Weekend Fisherman
Weekend Fisherman : French River
Weekend Fisherman : Gananoque
Weekend Fisherman : Jordan
Weekend Fisherman : Long Point
Weekend Fisherman : St. Clair
Weekend Fisherman : Sudbury
Weekend Fisherman : West Coast Coho
Weekend in Quebec
West Coast Playground
Western Society for Physical Rehabilitation
What Are You Going to Do?
What Came First
What Happens Inside
What Is a Chamber of Commerce?
What is Measurement? : Standards
What It Means and How It Works
What Kind of World Do You Want?
What Makes Them Run?
What on Earth Is Out of Her Mind?
What's a Coward? - A Drama
What's in Sight
Whatsoever a Man Soweth
When Firemen Grow Wings : Fire Fighting with Aeroplanes
When Should I Marry?
When Summer Comes
Where Has Sanctuary Gone?
Where Is the Earth in Space?
Where None Shall Thirst
Where the Action Is
Where the Old World Meets the New
Where the Tree Dwells
Where West Meets East
Where Winter's a Pleasure
White Days - Red Nites
White Harvest
White Magic
White Powder World
White Throat
White Trails
White Weather
Who Cares for Carol Anne
Who Cares?
Who Killed Determinants?
Who Threw That Monkey Wrench
Why Not Use A Tractor?
Why Not You? In Kipawa, Hunter's Fairyland
Why Nova Scotia
Why Won't Tommy Eat?
Wide Is the Field
Wild and Wet
Wild Westing De Luxe
Wilderness Nomads
Wilderness Treasure
Wimpey News 2
Wimpy Construction : No Fines Houses
Windsor and Detroit to Duluth
Windsor, Ontario - Industrial Gateway to Canada
Wings North
Wings of Wire
Wings of Youth
Wings Over the Atlantic
Wings Over the North
The Winning of Nickel
Winter Blunderland
Winter Carnival Time in Quebec's Laurentian Mountains
Winter Distress Signals
Winter Frolics in Quebec
Winter Playground
Winter Road Maintenance Equipment
Winter Sports at Murray Bay
Winter Survival in the Bush
Winter Winners
Winterfun Canada
Wire Rope Power Transmission Cableways
Wire Service of the C.P.R.
With Camera and Gun in Newfoundland
With Their Feet on the Ground
Without Warning
Wonder out of Wood
Wonderland of Gaspé
Wonders of Wireless [Canadian Version]
Wood Frame Construction
Woodchip Pipeline Research
Woodland Wealth
Wool from the Fleece to the Finished Product
Working Out
World Cup Skiing
World Fair Exhibition
World Junior Curling Championship
World Religions
Write On!
Y a du coeur au programme
Yankee Trader : Peter Pond (1836)
Years of Heritage
Yes I Can!
Yes, You Can : Lindy Fraser
You and Me
You and the Aerospace Future
You and Your Job
You Are the Bank
You Be the Doctor
You Bet Your Life
You Can Go a Long Way
Your Back and Common Sense
Your Choice
Your Cup of Tea
Your First Six Years
Your Forest Heritage
Your Health Unit
Your New Dial Telephone
Yvan Cournoyer
Zazi et Zazou