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Your Health Unit

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750 (16mm)
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Library and Archives Canada: 16mm.
"Film about the creation of a local health unit in a small community in Alberta, serving the municipalities of Barons-Euroka. Mr. Baldwin, a teacher at the Coaldale school, comes up with the idea of creating a health unit, with the support of a vrious community leaders. The film explains the process whereby the organizers persuades the community that it is worth the extra expenditure. A dramatized segment represents a community meeting where people ask about the costs and benefits. The film also explains the responsibilities of the staff of the new health unit: the doctor, nurse, sanitary inspector and stenographer-technician. Among the services provided by the health unit are: the innoculation and vaccination of children; tuberculosis testing; the inspection of the district milk supply and local restaurants; testing children's eyesight; medical check-ups for chldren; well-baby and preschool clinics; and health education, using illustrated lectures and sound films to teach better health. The film concludes with a scene of children going to sleep, their parents at case because they know that the health unit is taking care of their children's health."