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Why Not Use A Tractor?

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395 (35mm), 236 (16mm)
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Library and Archives Canada: 28mm, 35mm, 16mm, VHS, Digibeta
"This film promotes the use of tractors in farm work to increase labour efficiency. The film shows many circumstances under which tractors may be used. These include: ploughing in tandem, discing between grape vines, working a vegetable garden with a "baby tractor," harvesting wheat, threshing, pulling flax, and assisting in road improvement. The two final insert titles read: "The tractor will never displace the horse but a tractor-horse combination is one solution to the farm-power problem" and "Have you a tractor? If not, your Agriculture Representative will arrange to do work for you for a moderate charge." The Ontario Motion Picture Bureau catalogue from 1922 states, "the great shortage of labour has created demand for tractors which can be used in every line of farm work... Tractors are slowly but surely revolutionizing the methods of agriculture." In the 1920s the Ontario government contracted film companies to produce films relating to the province's agriculture endeavors and other industries. Private companies, such as Filmcraft and Pathéscope, often competed for these lucrative government film contracts."