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Voices of Time

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University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario: 16mm.


University of Waterloo Audiovisual Services Catalog.
"The Grand Canyon in Arizona documents half of the earth's four-and-a-half billion year history in stone. In this program, narrated by William Hutt, its history is explored. Each time that mountains rose, were eroded into the sea, and became a desert, they left a tale of the earth's inhabitants: the minute sea vegetation, trilobites, fish, and later, land life: petrified trees, millipedes, scorpions, and dinosaurs left their fossilized remains and impressions. Over the next hundred million years, a river wore its way into the plain, revealing the history imbedded in rock. Then, 3500 years ago, man left his first traces in the walls of the caves along the canyon, bringing the beginnings of a new age. The program ends with stills of different important events in the history of man being flashed on the screen."