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The Visible Woman

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1100 (16mm)
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Library and Archves Canada: 16mm.
"A documentary film which looks at the history of women and women's rights in Canada. With the use of still images, motion pictures and contemporary written commentary the film illustrates the lives of Canadian pioneer and immigrant women, roles and duties of Canadian women in the past, the rise of women in Canadian society, women's right to vote and women's changing social roles in the post World War Two era."

University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario: 16mm.
"The plight of Canada's pioneer women is illustrated by a simulated scene, early period photographs, and commentary. The 19th century concept of womanhood is illustrated, and the early Torontonian rebels are seen supporting the vote and educational opportunities. Period photos chronicle the role of Lady Aberdeen and the work of the early women's clubs for temperance and social reform. The suffrage movement is documented by period quotes, cartoons, and reconstructed conflict scenes. The emancipation of the World War I years is illustrated and followed by scenes showing reforms; and the social, political, and occupational opportunities of the 1920s are documented. Canadian women politicians of the 1920s era recall the prejudice they contended with despite legislative reforms. The film clips demonstrate sexist regressions demanded by the Depression. The film extracts show women of the 1940s taking an active role in civilian and military activities. The changes of post-World War II Canada are described: the women returned with a boom to their maternal roles, but the affluence and technological advances of the 1960s led women back to work. The shots show the conflicts between the early feminists and male power groups. The commentator recounts the feminist objectives. Extracts show the organized confrontation of the late 60s. Members of the Royal Commission on the Status of Women in Canada outline their objectives and hopes for Canadian women. An inspiring quote from a first generation Canadian feminist concludes the film."

University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario: 16mm.

Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo, Ontario: VHS.