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Two Phase Annular Flow

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University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario: 16mm.
"The narrator says that the film will show upward annular co-current gas-liquid flow, for the purpose of providing a better understanding of fluid flow characteristics of the two phase system. The two problems of critical heat flux and burn-out, and mass transfer between the gas and liquid phases, are closely related because of the fluid flow characteristics of the system. Next, the narrator presents the equipment to be used in gathering data. Four sets of experiments are performed. In the first set, water flow and pressure are kept constant, and air flow is increased; the graphed results of frequency distribution of the film thickness are presented, showing the variations in skewness for the different experiments. In the second set, the water flow is increased and maintained constant, as is the pressure, and the air flow serves as the variable. In the third set, the constants are again increased, and the churn annular flow regime is observed. In the last set an obstruction, a stripping ring, is introduced, and the characteristics of the water film are described. The film ends with a demonstration of annular flow."