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Spirit of Service

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Library and Archives Canada: 35mm, 28mm, digibeta.
"Film, acted by telephone employees in the Toronto Division of the Bell Telephone Company, to illustrate the devotion to duty of Bell System workers.
Two linemen battle a blizzard in order to keep lines open during the night. Their dedication saves the life of the son of one of their superiors who had fallen sick and required special medicine to be sent to him.
Sequences on linemen at work at the top of a telephone pole in a blizzard; a big city switchboard; a woman speaking on a wall phone from her home; a steam train travelling at night; etc."

Canadian educational, sponsored and industrial film archive, Montreal, Quebec: 16mm.

This title appears to be a Canadian version of a US Bell production. The intertitle mentioning the "Laurention mountains" [sic] uses a different typeface, and the actors listed in the Internet Movie Database were mostly active in the US.