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Some of Us

Accession number: 
Production Years: 
1972 to 1978


Length (feet): 
420 (16mm)
Length (minutes): 
Holding Institutions: 

University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario: 16mm.
"Senior citizens warmly praise the Ontario Ministry Of Housing apartment project they live in. They value the independence of self-contained units and the companionship of others of their age. Their rent is scaled according to income and is substantially cheaper than most apartments, and they like the services and the location of the project. There are many activities for them to participate in—card games, music groups and gardening being a few. One of the residents is an accomplished watercolour painter. The one rule against larger pets is felt to be sensible, and the residents feel that the grounds are kept well. Unfortunately, there is a waiting list for this project."

Library and Archives Canada: 16mm.
"This film is composed entirely of voice-overs by residents of a retirement home (possibly "Gertrude Burgar Court"), in an unidentified city, with pictures of activities in and around the complex. Residents explain why they enjoy living there, the many benefits, and how they spend their time. Footage includes a group playing cards, playing their own music, gardening, playing shuffleboard and a man painting, as well as interior shots of the residence rooms themselves."