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Snowtime Holiday

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600 (16mm)
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Library and Archives Canada: 16mm, 3/4".
"Winter recreation in Quebec City, with excellent shots of the city in the 1950s; explanation, at Valcartier, of the 'French' method of skiing."

Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec, Centre d'archives de Québec, Québec: 16mm.
"La région de Québec est le rendez-vous des fervents de tous les sports d'hiver: ski, patin, hockey, glissades, etc."


R. Lee, "Views and Reviews," Film News (January 1952): no page number.
"Snowtime Holiday - Almost a classical ballet on skis is this production which brings to the screen the beautiful hill country in the vicinity of Quebec (Canada), and the performances - duo, solo, and in pattern-weaving formations - of three brilliant ski-ers. Devoid of tow-lines and crowds, the ski-ing sequences of SNOWTIME HOLIDAY are a tableau in which these three performers demonstrate a sport that has become an art. Entering over a distant crest, they vanish and reappear in their presentation of a magnificent display of three moving almost as one, and demonstrate the parallel technique perfected by Fritz Loosli, Swiss ski-er, now in charge of the Ski Hawk School of Quebec's famous hostelry, the Chateau Frontenac.
Mr. Loosli is introduced in the film, as is the Chateau Frontenac also. This reviewer, as one of its admirers, was nostalgically glad to catch a glimpse of it again, even if just on screen. But scenes accenting the good food, beverages and services to be had at the Chateau are definitely out of key with the lyric mood of the ski-ing. More apropos and compatible are the film's opening shots of lovely country in snow garb, and of winter sports for young and old to be found within the cities of Quebec and Montreal. Considerable footage is also given to a hockey game showing the famous Quebec Aces in action. . . . This is an excellent film for the general public, and ski-ers will welcome its latter sequences as a unique chronicle of their favorite sport.
22 mins; color. Produced by Associated Screen News (Montreal) for the Canadian Pacific Railway Company. Available, without charge, from the C.P.R. Department of Public Relations, 581 Fifth Ave., N.Y.C. 17."

[Canadian Pacific advertisement], Film News (January 1953): 16.
"Snowtime Holiday (TV) 19 minutes In the snowhills of Québec, winter is a gay seasons of sunshine and sport. Skiing - Skating - Hockey - Tobogganing and Sleighing."

Gouvernement du Québec: Ministère des Communications, Direction générale du cinéma et de l’audiovisuel, Catalogue des films d’archives, volume 1 (Québec: Éditeur officiel du Québec, 1976), 79.
"La région de Québec est le rendez-vous populaire des fervents de tous les sports d'hiver : ski, patin, hockey, glissades, etc."