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Smelter Fires

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937 (28mm)
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Library and Archives Canada: 28mm, 35mm.
"This film illustrates the process by which copper and nickel is smelted, as well as some of the houses and resorts near the smelting plant at Copper Cliff. The viewer is shown Ramsay, a resort popular with many of the workers at the smelting plant. At the plant, electric trains carry the rough ore to the blast furnaces which is shown both full of fire and sparks and empty. Parts of the smelting process shown include punching tuyeres for air; pouring off and carting away the slag; tapping 'matte' from a settler; 'bodding' the trap hole; feeding a converter with flux; pouring off and testing more slag; and, casting Bessimer 'matte'. The film ends by showing some of the houses and the club house which administer to the needs of the community. The final intertitle reads: 'The romance of development of basic Ontario industries is no-where more graphically told than in Provincial Government Films. Look for them'."