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Silos for the Farm

Accession number: 
Production Years: 
1920 to 1922


Film Properties: 
Length (feet): 
1022 (28mm)
Holding Institutions: 

Library and Archives Canada: 28mm, 35mm, 16mm.
"Film about building silos made of wood, cement and vitrified tile. It shows: long view of barn and two silos, with a third silo unfinished; two farmers talking outside a barn; silo foundation, scaffolding being put up for building of the silo, and men constructing silo; silo foundation, scaffolding being put up for building of the silo, men constructing silo; man hammering staves on to the side of the silo; man tightening steel hoops around the staves; various stages of the partially constructed silo, finished silo, sign painted on silo reading 'Hylo Silo'; and man tightening guide wires; man sweeping around finished silo; two men laying steel forms for construction of a cement silo; and montage of construction of a cement silo, showing two men mixing concrete with a mechanical cement mixer, cement being poured between circular steel forms, and steel forms being raised onto ready-built cement sections. Reel two shows: three men at top of unfinished silo, hoisting up a circular steel form; two men working on a silo, one of whom is hoisting a bucket of cement and who then hands the bucket to the other man who pours the cement between the forms; the completed job, the steel form sliding down the silo and a man running to meet it at the bottom; the second steel form sliding down the silo; two men looking up at the silo and large barn in the background; and two men looking at a cement block-constructed silo, standing next to a barn. This is followed by a sequence on construction of cement block silos, showing: cement block used in the construction of a silo, demonstration of steel rod that fits into groove to secure the blocks together (this type of cement block is called vitrified tile); poured concrete silo foundationand man inside foundation laying blocks on foundation wall; worker handing cement blocks to block-layer and blocks being cemented together (air space in the blocks prevents the freezing of the silage); block being shown to the camera and air spaces indicated with a pencil; block-layer cementing the blocks together and tapping same with a hammer; one layer of cement blocks completed, man placing steel rods in the circular grooves and covering same with cement, cement then levelled so that it is ready for the next layer of blocks, and man laying wood floor in silo; two men working at the top of the nearly-completed silo and bucket of cement being hoisted alongside the silo; taken from under the ladder of a man climbing a steel ladder on the side of the silo; two men cleaning the working area near the silo, shot of silo, and camera moving upwards and showing the roof frame, ready to receive the roof tiles."