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On the Rim of Tomorrow

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1955 to 1962


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"Previews and Reviews - Religious and Interfaith," Film News (September-October 1962): 20.
"ON THE RIM OF TOMORROW: Cooperatively sponsored by the 13 member communions of the National Council of Churches, this inspiring and stimulating film is related to the 1962-63 interdenominational foreign study theme, 'The Christian Mission on the Rim of East Asia.' The opening sequence, in animation, pinpoints on a map these four areas of concern: Korea, Thaiwan [sic], Okinawa, Hong Kong.
Here, old ways collide with the brash new ways of the atomic era. Old gods are still worhipped, primitive agricultural methods are still followed; but radio, television and motion pictures have invaded and are changing these lands; and the 'population explosion' pushes faster that the slowly rising standard of living. This is a young people's world, over 50-percent of East Asians being under 20 years of age. It is a world which pins its hope on education.
Three young people are dramatized to show the problems and trends in East Asia today. One is a Korean student involved in the political upheaval in his country; one is a girl in love, caught between cultures and religions; the third is a seminary student in Taiwan who goes to work in a factory in an attempt to understand the needs of the working man in today's increasingly industrialized society.
ON THE RIM OF TOMORROW closes fittingly with fascinating glimpses of the propagation and acceptance of the Christian faith in the factory and the university.
30 mins., color. Produced by the Commission on Missionary Education of the NCCC; filmed by the Berkeley Studio of the United Church of Canada. Purchase from the Broadcasting and Film Commission, 475 Riverside Drive, New York. Rent from local religious film libraries."

"Previews and Reviews - Religious and Interfaith," Film News (September-October 1962): 20.
[Still shot from the film; caption reads:] "New buildings like this attest to the zeal of the Christian Church everywhere in East Asia."