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By Quinte's Shores

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Length (feet): 
885 (28mm); 888 (35mm)
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Library and Archives Canada: 28mm, 35mm.
"This film starts with Picton, Ontario the chief town in Prince Edward County. Picton is described as being delightfully situated on the Bay of Quinte with a background of pleasing country. Some of the buildings shown in the film are the House of Refuge, the Collegiate Institute, library, and hospital, churches and views of some of the residential homes. Extending for hundreds of acres along the the shore are the Sand Banks, described as a natural playground for adults and children alike. Also shown is the the Wellington summer resort. Picton is well known for its canning industries. Entering the Picton harbour and a view of the busy main street. The travelogue ends with a title reading, 'Ontario's nature playgrounds are green and fresh, and exhilarating. Don't travel to travel. Start here'."