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The Provincial Plowing Match

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1020 (28mm); 475 (35mm); 645 (16mm)
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Library and Archives Canada: 28mm, 16mm, 35mm, VHS, Digibeta.
"This film relates some scenes from the Plowing Match and Tractor Demonstration that took place at Brantford Ontario, on 'Oak Park Stock Farm,' 24-26 October 1917. The viewer is shown some of the 20,000 people in attendance as they watch the competition and examine displays of cars, tractors and farm implements. Intertitles narrate as both horse and tractor-drawn ploughs form straight furrows. The footage shows: extreme close-up of poster advertising the match: 'Plowing Match and Farm Tractor Demonstration, held at Brantford, October 24th/26th 1917, Competition Open to the World'; long view pan of big, wide field with contestants plowing their sectors and spectators in the foreground; long view of large number of automobiles parked in a large field, with tents and people in foreground; medium shot pan to parking area full with cards, more marquees, Union Jack flying from a flagpole and a group of men standing around a racing car; medium shot of man plowing, making a deep furrow; medium shot of team of two white horses approaching camera, pulling plow and leaving long straight furrows in the field behind them, as they are watched closely by spectators and judges; close-up of man plowing; pan to two well-dressed women wearing hats, and eating something while talking to a man; close-up of a plowing tractor; long view of large tractor approaching camera, followed by a large crowd who are looking at the furrows made by this machine; close-up of large crowd; close-up of gasoline-driven tractor approaching camera; extreme close-up showing rear of this machine with three blades cutting into the soil and spectators watching closely; and close-up of large heavy tractor pulling plow that has five blades and spectators looking at the five deep, even furrows made by this machine. There is a close-up of two prize-winners of the competition clutching their prizes, one a boxed silver service and the other a silver cup trophy. A little boy stands between them. This is followed by aquotation: 'The foundation of good farming lies in the thorough cultivation of the soil'."

This is one (perhaps the first) of a number of ploughing match films produced for the Ontario Motion Picture Bureau. The event was likely filmed annually (Library and Archives Canada).