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The Prince of Wales in Canada

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1076 (28mm)
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Library and Archives Canada: 35mm, 28mm, digibeta, VHS.
"Film about the visit of the Prince of Wales to Canada in 1919. Part 1, missing the head title, shows the following: medium shot of motor launch carrying the Prince of Wales leaving a battleship and heading towards the shore; close-up of New Brunswick Lieutenant Governor William Pugsley and Premier Borden introducing the Prince of Wales to various dignitaries on the wharf; medium shot of Prince of Wales walking between Pugsley and Prime Minister Robert Borden followed by officers of the 26th New Brunswick Battalion, as they leave a large building; and an extreme close-up of the Prince of Wales inspecting a guard of honour; long view of the Prince of Wales alighting from a motor launch and walking up to the wharf, where a large receiving party is waiting to welcome him to Halifax; extreme close-up of the Prince inspecting a guard of honour and stopping to chat with the company sergeant; extreme close-up of the Prince with the Governor General in an open automobile, with a large military parade assembled in the background; extreme close-up of the Prince unveiling tablets in memory of the workers who lost their lives while constructing the Quebec Bridge; close-up of the Prince of Wales lunching outdoors at the Mount Royal look-out, with Mayor Médéric Martin of Montreal seated on the left side of the Prince; medium shot of the Prince of Wales, Prime Minister Robert Borden and a woman [probably Mrs. Borden] shaking hands with various women in a receiving line in Ottawa; extreme close-up of the Prince laying the corner stone of the Victory Tower at the Parliament Buildings in Ottawa, shown with various dignitaries on a dais, including Robert Borden; medium shot of raising an unfurling the first Victory Loan Honour flag; extreme close-up of the flag being displayed in Ottawa (footage of the flag is missing from the version copied to V1 8304-0015); close-up of the Prince outside the Ontario Parliament Buildings at Queen's Park, Toronto, arriving and shaking hands with various people; long view of a garden party at Government House in Toronto, showing the Prince meeting and shaking hands with various people; long view of the Prince of Wales arriving at the Royal Canadian Yacht Club in Toronto; extreme long view of the Prince presenting the Prince of Wales Cup at the Yacht Club to Norman Gooderham; extreme close-up of the Prince talking and walking with Yacht Club officials; intertitle explaining that 200 war heroes receive war medals, followed by extreme close-up of war medals displayed on a table, ready for presentation by the Prince (there is a close-up of a hand arranging the medals); intertitle stating that "the police were as helpless as wooden men but they were good-natured", followed by extreme close-up of the prince on horseback, among waving troops and some police officers; medium shot of the Prince waving from a raised platform to a large crowd among which there are a number of veterans; banner held aloft for the Great War Veterans' Association, Toronto; the Prince on the platform, shaking hands with some of the men in the crowd; intertitle reading “The Prince in the West”; long view of march ing troops outside the Winnipeg City Hall; medium shot of the Prince waving and saluting to a large crowd; and long view of the Lieutenant-Governor of Manitoba, Sir James Aikins, leading the traditional three cheers for the Prince of Wales. <3mn 18s> Part 2 begins with the title Province of Ontario Pictures. This is followed by intertitle indicating the Prince of Wales' arrival in Calgary while the Stampede is on. Footage shows his arrival at the Stampede grounds as a crowd watches. An intertitle says that he sees his first roping, tying and bronco busting. This is followed by a cowboy on a bucking bronco. Two cowgirls pose for the camera. Footage of Edmonton consists of a quick, long shot of dignitaries on a podium in front of a building. An intertitle indicates decorated arches on Jasper Avenue but the footage is missing. Next is footage of the Prince of Wales arriving at the Canadian Pacific Railway station in Vancouver, a quick shot of him saluting as police officers salute as he leaves building. Footage of him inspecting the 72nd Seaforth Highlanders, during which he stops to talk to a soldier. An intertitle, with no corresponding visuals, states that he replies to Mayor Robert Gales' address of welcome at Stanley Park and later decorates veterans. Intertitle states that he lays the cornerstone of the new Prince of Wales High School. This is followed by footage of a group going onto a stage, a close-up of him and the group looking at a sculpture of some sort, as a crowd looks on in the background. Intertitle stating that he inspects the Hastings Mill is followed by footage of people watching a giant log on a conveyor. Crowd lined up under a covered entranceway to the civic arena decorated for the royal reception. Quick shot of building exterior and cars. The Prince, shown from the back, shaking hands with Imperial Guards. The Prince, in civilian dress, shaking hands with a sailor and talking to a civilian. A shot of the Prince waving farewell to Vancouver from the hurricane deck of the Princess Alice. An intertitle states that he waves bon voyage to passengers of the Princess Victoria, halfway across the water from Vancouver to Victoria. Intertitle, with no corresponding visuals, stating that at Victoria, the Royal Party was received with unstinted enthusiasm in the Coastal Province's Capital. Quick shot of ceremony at the provincial parliament building, showing long view of crowd and dome decorated with flags. No footage accompanying intertitle of the Prince officiating at laying of foundation stone for a memorial to Queen Victoria. Quick crowd shot. Intertitles stating that he bids farewell to his train crew at Flavelle Junction, Ontario, that he said he was sorry that he could not have met them all before, starting with the correspondents, but there is no footage except for avery quick shot. Closing intertitle states 'Au revoir but not goodbye', there is a close-up of the Union Jack and the closing credit 'Province of Ontario Picture'."

"Part of a film about the visit of the Prince of Wales to Canada in 1919. It shows: the Prince arriving in Halifax, Nova Scotia and leaving ship; intertitle reads 'Historic Halifax Greets the Prince'; the Prince inspecting troops; intertitle states that the Prince visits Parliament Buildings (but these are not shown); Prince in car; the Quebec Bridge; the Prince arriving at Government House Station in Rosedale; the Prince on the grounds of Queen's Park in Toronto; Prince travelling through main gate of the Canadian National Exhibition; the Prince at the Administration Building; inspecting troops and declaring the CNE open; on platform with other dignitaries (among the group of people on the platform is cameraman Frank O'Byrne with his camera on a tripod); Prince addressing crowd of war veterans at the CNE grandstand; Prince walking along dock with officials at the Royal Canadian Yacht Club at Toronto Island; Prince presenting Prince of Wales Cup to Norman Gooderham; Prince and crowds on the grounds at Government House; guests shake the Prince's hand; another receiving line at Ottawa; Prince laying cornerstone of the Victory Tower of the Parliament Buildings in Ottawa; Prime Minister Robert Borden and other dignitaries look on; shell casings (part of a monument?) visible on platform; camera visible in crowd; ceremonial raising of the First Victory Loan Honour Flag; visit of the Prince to Montreal; visit of the Prince to Winnipeg; crowds cheer Prince; Prince opening Red Cross Hospital at Tuxedo and inspects soldiers at Manitoba Military Hospital. The reel ends with a graphic and the intertitle 'Let us win the Prince of Wales flag'."


Ontario Motion Picture Bureau, 1931 Catalogue.