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The Ploughing Match 1922

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431 (28mm)
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Library and Archives Canada: 28mm, 35mm, VHS, Betacam.
"This film records the events that took place at the Ontario Plowmen's Association International Plowing Match held near Lindsay, Ontario on 11-13 October 1922. As a line of horse-drawn carts arrives an intertitle announces that over 180 contestants are entered in the competition. The next shot shows a field with many horse-drawn ploughs at work. The viewer is shown various actions of the officials and ploughmen as they stake out land and then 'strike out'. Among the contestants are Tom Brant, great-grandson of General Brant, 'the Indian Chief of pioneer fame'. A 'gang plow' with two furrows is drawn by a team of three horses. Crowds watch closely as tractors compete; the film makes use of fast-motion photography and close-ups here. The viewer is shown many shots of ploughing, with both horses and tractors, and some of the prize-winning sections of the field. Demonstrations of new machinery include a device which ploughs and discs at the same time. Mr. Tom Gilpin of Osgoode, Ontario shows off his team of oxen. The film ends with shots of the match's officials: William H. Doherty, Treasurer; J. Lockie Wilson, Managing Director; R. H. Abraham, President; E. A. McIntyre and J. W. Sangster, Directors."