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Patrol to the Northwest Passage

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Library and Archives Canada: 16mm, VHS.
"The 1937 expedition of RMS Nascopie to the Canadian Arctic between July 9 and September 29. The Nascopie carried the first mail to be exchanged between the Eastern and the Western Arctic, along a course from Montreal, up the Labrador coast, down into Hudson Bay to Churchill, and up into the Arctic Archipelago. Ports of call: Hebron, Port Burwell, Lake Harbour, Wakeham Bay, Sugluk, Wolstenholme, Cape Smith and Port Harrison. Sequences of shipboard activities include the wedding of a white couple at Hebron, various visits by Inuit, unloading of supplies, etc. Sequences on religious and medical missions, Inuit encampments, mission hospitals, a D.O.T. post, an RCMP post and a post office. Views of ruins of Fort Prince of Wales at Churchill. Shots of an artist and his paintings of Inuit life. Sequence on stopover at Churchill, the loading of a grain carrier, the arrival of HMS Scarborough and military exercises executed by Royal Marines."

The film was intended to be shown accompanied by a lecturer; hence there are no intertitles.