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North with the Bishop of the Arctic

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Production Years: 
1950 to 1951


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Library and Archives Canada: 16mm, VHS.
"The consecration, in 1950, of Bishop Donald B. Marsh at Winnipeg and his enthronement in All Saints Cathedral at Aklavik. The Bishop of the Arctic visits nurse Prue Hawkins and Mission Hospital and, on the supply ship Rupertsland, various other points: Fort Chimo, Payne Bay, Sugluk Inlet, Southampton Island, Cape Smith, Port Harrison, Cape Dorset, Lake Harbour, and Pagnirtung Fiord. Footage shows the Bishop holding services, meeting with Inuit, and meeting an Anglican pastor fluent in Inuktitut; the Indian and Inuit boys and girls choir at his enthronement; Indian and Inuit catechists; Inuit tents and houses, traditional and store bought clothing; the Anglican church at Southampton Island; Inuit in kayaks; an Inuit mother and child; and Pangnirtung Fiord flora, including the broad leaved willow herb; also, shots of the Arctic landscape; an ivory carving of a snowhouse; and footage of Inuit on board ship and at a Hudson's Bay Company trading post."