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The Navy Goes North

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Library and Archives Canada: 16mm, VHS.
"An account of the Royal Canadian Navy's 68-day scientific expedition through the Northwest Passage. The expedition leaves Halifax on July 23, 1954, on board HMCS "Labrador", to study oceanography, hydrography, meteorology, terrestrial magnetism, and cosmic rays. The ship also carries Inuit Special Constable Ariak to an RCMP post at Alexander Fiord. Noteworthy footage includes: water temperature testing, ice pack reduction, and sound depth experiments; aerial shots of ice packs at Craig Harbour; a look at D.C. Rhodes, chief scientist on board ship; the rescue of a small vessel carrying American scientists; the "Labrador" commissioning ceremony at Sorel, Quebec; Ariak feeding his dogs; the arrival and unloading of a RCN landing craft at Alexander Fiord; an excellent sequence of a walrus colony on channel ice and views of a polar bear on an ice pack; at Beachy Island, a monument to perished Arctic explorers; and the meeting of HSN and HS Coast Guard ships at Banks Island for the joint Canadian--American Beaufort Seas Expedition."

J. G. Kempster: artwork and titles.