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Montreal the Romantic Metropolis of French Canada

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Library and Archives Canada: 35mm, VHS, Digibeta.
"This film narrates a tour of many places of interest in Montreal, often providing historical information as well. The tour begins with the naming of Montreal by Jacques Cartier, and views of the city. On the site of what was once Hochelaga, the film shows the grounds of McGill Universtiy and a cricket match. The tour continues with the following points of interest: Custom House, once the site of a mission, established by Paul de Chomedy, Sieur de Maissonneuve; the city's busy port and the arrival of ocean liners; grain elevators and warehouses along the waterfront; trainyards; the statue of the Virgin at Notre Dame de Bonsecours; Bonsecours market with merchants and customers, young and old; the residence of Claude de Ramezay; a paperboy on a corner; the Place d'Armes and a statue of Maissonneuve; Notre Dame de Montreal; Windsor Station; Dominion Square; horse carriages and taxicabs; trolley charabane; St. Catherine Street; mansions; Royal Victoria Hospital; Shrine of St. Joseph and its founder, Brother Andre; yachtsmen on Lac St. Louis. The film concludes with shots of a steamship passing through the Lachine Rapids."

Original version tinted and toned.