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[Kennabi] : Boy Scouts Association District of Toronto Scout Reserve

Accession number: 


Directors of Photography:

Production Years: 
1955 to 1959


Film Properties: 
Length (feet): 
207 (8mm), 1020 (35mm)
Length (minutes): 
Holding Institutions: 

Library and Archives Canada: 8mm, 35mm, dvd.
"Film about Boy Scouts at summer camp. It shows: The Boy Scouts Association District of Toronto Scout Reserve; boy scouts in large rowboats; sign Chippewa Point; lakeshore; boys in boats coming ashore; boys get camp ready; boy gets pails of water; smoke coming out of a chimney; boys at campsite among trees (many shots are in shadow because of the trees); Union Jack raised on pole; boys eating from mess tins; Corn Flakes box; boy swatting at insect; man drinks tea; putting up tent; boy pounding in peg for guy wire; close-ups of boys; more shots of tents; boy chops wood; boys seated at an outdoor table; boy digs hole; boy pounding a post into ground; boy raking dirt beside tent; close-up of boys wading and splashing water at each other; boys climbing out of water; boys in canoe; campfire in woods; Union Jack flying from pole; boys in shadows (footage dark); boys eating; flag being lowered; canoeing; boys capsizing canoes; canoe races; boys jumping in water; paddling races; crowd of boys watch from shore; boys standing on canoes and bouncing them on the water; canoes; rowboats; more races of various kinds; boys crossing a rope bridge; chopping trees; and closing shot of sign Boy Scouts Association District of Toronto Scout Reserve."