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The Great American Goose Egg Co. of Canada Ltd.

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University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario: 16mm.
"A clever satire on technology and industry in which the goose egg is symbolic of our natural resources. The forward march of civilization trods over a nature which struggles to survive. This film has been highly praised by critics and has won major Canadian awards. Commentator asks, as camera scans a northern landscape, where does the rainbow end? He answers that due to modern technology the pot of gold can be found virtually anywhere, even in the apparently unprofitable northlands of Canada. The film shows several of the northern animals while the narrator describes their economic worthlessness. The wild goose, claims the narrator, became the basis of a gigantic industry, due to the innovations of one clever man. The film shows the Galloping Gourmet discovering the culinary attributes of the egg, the hunting of the egg by the northern natives, the quest of the frontiersmen and the greed of the urbanites. Man is shown conquering nature in a variety of vehicles in his hunt for the eggs. Rivers are diverted, exposing the eggs and producing new electric power. Civilization moves northward en masse, to towns set up to exploit the goose egg industry. The commentator extols the virtue of the block architecture and the visual splendor of the polluted waterways. But the goose egg industry is doomed, the wild geese refuse to cooperate and man is shown quickly withdrawing to southern urban centres. The north, the commentator concludes, returns to barren unproductive nature that awaits the day man can conquer it."

Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, British Columbia: 16mm.

Thompson Rivers University, Kamloops, British Columbia: 16mm.


Film and TV Database, British Film Institute database:
"A humorous story about a sensational discovery and exploitation by man of a hitherto quite unproductive aspect of nature! Intended for Civics, religious, ethical and liberal education classes."

Simon Fraser library:
"Satire on technology and industry in which the goose egg symbolizes our natural resources. Civilization brings waste and pollution and the wild goose obstinately refuses to survive in man's civilization. And so, the glorious struggle of man against nature goes on until nature gives up."

Thompson Rivers University library catalogue:
"A clever satire on the technology and industry in which the goose egg is symbolic of our natural resources. The forward march of civilization treads over a nature which struggles to survive."