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Goose Hunting, Cabbage Willows, James Bay

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Film Properties: 
Length (feet): 
263 (16mm)
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Library and Archives Canada: 16mm, VHS.
"Edited footage of a hunting trip. Opening title reads: GOOSE HUNTING CABBAGE WILLOWS JAMES BAY 1949 ORGANIZED BY GRAY ROCKS INN, ST.-JOVITE, P.Q. The film shows the following: float-plane with serial number CF-BHZ lands; hunters unload gear; hunters going to and leaving tents and cabins, loading gear into canoes and paddling off; then canoe powered by outboard motor; hunters hiding in bushes by river; watching geese flying overhead; geese flying in V-shaped formation; shot of horizon with several groups of geese flying by; hunter walks along marshy-ground, with rifle in one arm and swinging a dead goose by the other; hunter watches geese; hunter walks with back to camera, looking at geese and faint rainbow in sky; more shots of geese; geese getting shot and falling out of sky; more geese overhead; hunters seated and eating; more shots of sky; hunters leaving in canoes at dusk; shots of geese flying off into the sunset; more sunset scenes along riverbank; Wheeler Airlines float-plane with serial number CF-FOJ arriving; hunters unload gear from plane; others get on plane; plane takes off; closing shot of church by shore in silhouette against sunset sky."