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A Good Place to Live

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Production Years: 
1955 to 1956


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Library and Archives Canada: 16mm, VHS.
"Promotional film sponsored by Thompson Products to attract new immigrants from Europe. The film depicts life in a typical Canadian town on the Niagara Peninsula, close to Lake Ontario. Freedom of speech, politics and religion in Canada are stressed and the beauties of the Canadian way of life are extolled. Shots of farming, industrial and urban life, Niagara Falls and sport events."


"Films for Business," Canadian Business 29 (February 1956): 80.
"In a case for democracy the agricultural and industrial resources in the Niagara area are presented by a trip through the Peninsula. The film extolls the virtues and advantages of the free enterprise system by placing on exhibit the manner in which one particular Canadian industry treats its employees. it suggests this is the Canadian way, not one isolated example. The film follows one employee at work and at home to show the free enterprise system in operation."