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Forest Fire Fighters of the Skies

Accession number: 
Production Years: 
1927 to 1928
Release Year: 


Film Properties: 
Length (feet): 
1000 (35mm)
Holding Institutions: 

Library and Archives Canada: 35mm, VHS.
"View of Vedette flying boat in flight. Sequences on typical RCAF sub-base, flying boats moored near shore, and mechanics working on machines while Forestry Branch personnel study atmospheric conditions. A patrol being sent to Lac du Bonnet. Aerial shots of forests, lakes and streams and of other aircraft in flight. Shots of the crew of a camera-flying boat studying a map. The radio operator receives report of a five. A Varuna flying boat is loaded with fire fighting equipment and takes off. Sequences on men fighting forest fires and flying boats taking off, landing, being towed to moorings, etc."