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Fisheries of the Great Slave

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638 (16mm)
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University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta: 16mm.
"Tells of the fishing industry at Great Slave Lake, pointing out that it is the first fishery in Canada to come about as a result of scientific tests initiated by the Government."

Library and Archives Canada: 16mm, 1/4".


"Films for Business," Canadian Business 29 (July 1956): 60.
"Development of the commercial fishing industry at Great Slave Lake has been filmed to show how this unusual enterprise has grown during the past ten years to the present $2-million industry. Scientific tests made on government initiative indicated that here some of the finest whitefish and lake trout in the world can be caught. As a result this industry was started. Fishermen from nine companies using gill nets have taken more than four million pounds of fish from the lake in one summer. Fishing continues all year, in winter it's done through the ice. Final sequences show boats, trains and trucks carrying the fish, packed in ice, to ports as far away as New York and Chicago."

Online Database National Film Board of Canada.
"In the heart of the blossoming Mackenzie district, commercial fishermen are drawing rich harvests of the whitefish and lake trout from the chilly depths of Great Slave Lake, the commercial possibilities of which were explored by Government scientists in 1944. The film takes a look at this northern enterprise, showing operations of independent fishing companies as they catch, process and ship huge quantities of fish to the markets of the world. Concluding sequences show the versatility of the snowmobile during the winter fishing season."